Fake Call to extract Card information

UPDATE: A request to all who see this post: if you have Truecaller on your mobile, please store this number - 8409181059 - as FRAUD STEALING CARD INFORMATION . If enough of us store the number this way, Truecaller will pop this up when he calls other unsuspecting victims.

Putting this out there, so people with similar experiences can know - and people who haven't had this experience can be prepared for this - if and when it happens.

My basic advice for such prank calling:
- Keep them online as much as possible
- Do not divulge any personal / identifiable details
- Lodge a complaint with the police immediately after hanging up on the call (TN police website has an eazy-peazy complaint registration system)

So, this is the first time I've received a hoax call. Here's how it went:

8409181059: "Hello, calling from State Bank; your card is no longer functional"
Me (who doesn't have a State Bank account): "Oh, you're c…

Adiós, publicidad!

I'm leaving the world of advertising. It couldn't be simpler than that.

But if you ask me where I'm going to next, the answer's slightly more complicated - I'm taking up two part-time roles, at my church (Ashraya) and at my old school (Anita Methodist). Doing a variety of things.

This decision has taken a few months to make, and I'm super-grateful to the support of close friends and family. My wife has been supportive about the move in ways I couldn't have even dreamed of, with an inner strength and childlike faith in God's 'leading' like only she can possess.

My thoughts have kept going back to my quitting HP, and how God orchestrated that.

I've agonised over what I would be writing here, but decided to restrict it to the things I'd like to remember as the highlights of this move are (in no specific order):

I've learnt and grown much, in my four years in advertisingMy whole concept of working/functioning in an office environment has…

My Valentine of Little Things

I believe that love lives also in the little things. One can climb a mountain, dive into the ocean, and base jump from the International Space Station, but that is just a single incident in a lifetime spanning thousands of incidents.

If love does not live in the little things, then it very well may not live at all.

So, here is a teensy-weensy incident. Of love. As a reminder of love in marriage, on Valentine's Day.
I'm a person who dislikes idlies, a South Indian breakfast staple, made from rice and urad dhaal. My wife, on the other hand loves them, so from time to time, we end up having idlies for breakfast.

A few years ago, I came home one afternoon to find my wife in a jubilant mood. She had that glint in her eyes, which meant that she had a surprise for me.

She drags me off to the kitchen and asks me to taste something - something, the likes of which I'd not seen before. They looked like flattened idlies

Between the Indian flag and Mahatma Gandhi

“Jallikattu protests  - All roads lead to Marina” screamed a headline.

Truly, on Saturday evening, as we made our way to the famous Marina beach, we could see almost every third vehicle on the road was headed there. There were men and women dressed in black. There were bikers stopping by the roadside to hold up placards and signs. Some even held up phones displaying pro-Jallikattu messages.

When we reached the signal on Mount Road just before the Chepauk stadium, we made a quick decision – we decided to head straight. We had heard that vehicles weren’t allowed till the Marina, so I figured that we could start much higher North and ride down the road adjacent to the beach.

There was nary a vehicle on Flag Staff road, and my wife and I wondered at the completely deserted road. When we turned the last curve of the road to join the ‘beach road’, there she stood.

The Indian flag. Waving boldly in the breeze. As if to say that Indian-ity reigned supreme – come what may.

My heart gushed. M…

What I Want to Do in Life

This is something I wrote when I was nearly 30. I just got up one night in July/August 2014, and typed this out on my then-new MacBook Air. Many of these I'd already either started or been involved in some way or the other. Some of these I'm sure, I can't ever do.
But here's the thing - I finally know what I want to do/be in life. Apart from the job that I do. Or maybe, even at the job that I do. My life's mission statement for the next thirty years or so. Here goes...

(The purpose of me putting this out there is two things: Firstly, if this can help inspire and 'sort' the thoughts of others, it should. Secondly, if anyone wants to discuss any of these aspects of 'doing' stuff with me, please feel free to get in touch)
I want to write. That includes fiction - romantic short stories, thriller novels, metaphorical essays, tributes to relationships in my life - and non fictio…



Written on 9th Nov, 2016 - 10 pm. For my lover - my wife.

When all the trials of yesterday Keep me far away from you When all the joys of our tomorrow Are further than you are
What have I got to do In time What have we got to lose Right now
Is the world far away From us Are we drifting out from shore Go on...
Hold me Like the world is falling Every moment that we're Keeping apart
Love me Like we're always running To the place we're wanting To be our home
That's all we got to do

The Every Day

When the freshness of the chase is still alive
When the dew of the morning is not yet dry
When the heat of the sun has not yet risen
Stay in that moment
Stay for a lifetime

Where the memories you've made refuse to leave you
Where the mistakes of yesterday no longer define you
Where the worries of the world melt in your hopes
Stay in that place
Stay for a lifetime

When the love you hold becomes warmer to decide
When the colours of nature fill you with joy
When the tranquility you seek, is found in life
Make that your state
Every day, for a lifetime

When the light of your life fades from within
When the child that you reared, cleaves from your self
When the joys that you seek, are found less and less
Flee from that burden
Don't stay for even a day

Till the shore that you yearn, is reached in full
Till the curves in your path, are just happy challenges
Till the ones you hold dear, hold enough of you dearly
Find such a place
Stay for a lifetime